Brussels Airport celebrates 60 years of history and emotions

Over the past 60 years, Brussels Airport has grown to become one of the best airports in Europe, connecting the European capital to no less than 238 destinations around the world and providing its 25 million passengers a year with the best of Belgian hospitality: passion for food, love of music, creativity in art and fashion, and a warm sense of humour.

As economic powerhouse in the heart of Europe, Brussels Airport focuses more than ever on giving customers a personal and intimate experience, service and accessibility. Commercial passenger flights and cargo activities at Brussels Airport together generate direct and indirect employment for 60,000 people.

The future development of Brussels Airport will lead to more destinations for our passengers and more export and import opportunities for our businesses, allowing Belgium to continue to play its leading international role, whether on an economic, diplomatic or cultural stage.

Our 60 years retrospective will walk you through our historical milestones as well as our best stories and moments of high emotion. Enjoy the exhibition!

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